Summer outdoors at Basildon Park

Buttercups in front of Basildon Park house

As the early summer months begin enjoy wandering lazily around Basildon Park, taking in all the early summer blooms and the new colour on the trees in the parkland. There's plenty of space for all the family to find something to do in the warmer weather.

Summer colour in the parkland

A riot of colour starts to fill the parkland at this time of the year. Enjoy a sea of yellow on the front lawn as buttercups bloom throughout May, and many wonderful scents and sights throughout the Rose garden as they bloom in June. 

A variety of trees will be starting to show their summer colours throughout May and June, such as Hawthornes, Norway Maple, Beech Trees and the Coppa Beach.

The blue walk in the parkland will take visitors through the hidden valley, where the common spotted orchid will be blooming at this time of the year. This precious stretch of land has a high standard of bio-diversity, meaning it is excellently conserved allowing for plants to flourish and wildlife to thrive.

Dog-walking in summer

Bring your dog along to join in the enjoyment of warmer days arriving with the early summer months. Dogs are warmly welcomed and are free to wander the gardens and parkland on short leads.

Shady Walks

For those days in summer when it's simply too hot, speak to our friendly staff at the welcome point who can tell you where to enjoy the most shade.

For kids

Take the waymarked route in pink to discover Basil Den and see how many of the 50 things your kids can tick off their list today, including den-building and hunting for bugs.