The Mulberry tea-room at Bateman's

Cream tea being eaten

Do stop off at the Mulberry tea-room on your visit to Bateman's. The tea-room is currently takeaway only, due to Tier 4 restrictions. We will be serving a selection of hot & cold drinks, ice creams, crisps and cakes.

What was once a room that was home to the Bateman's dairy and agricultural buildings, has now become a room where you can relax with a drink, snack or meal during your visit to Bateman's.

The Mulberry tea-room is a great place for a freshly brewed cup of tea and slice of homemade cake. Whether you're looking for a tasty snack or a warming drink after a long walk, there's plenty of food and drink to tempt you.

The Mulberry tea room at Bateman's in East Sussex

Walkers' respite

If you've just completed one of our estate walks, the Mulberry tea-room is the perfect place to stop, catch your breath and refresh yourself, before you head back home.

There's freshly made coffees - latte, cappuccino, expresso and filter, or steaming mugs of creamy hot chocolate and a selection of teas and juices. 

Flavour of the month

Our gardening team work hard to produce some great fruit and vegetable for us to use in the tea-room and so, again this year, we'll be tying in with what's good in our gardens here at Bateman's. 

Look out for our special cakes, meals or snacks featuring our 'flavour of the month'. We've been trying out some great recipes and hope that you'll enjoy them.  

We're looking forward to your visit

The Mulberry Tea-room opening hours are:


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Helping us look after Bateman's

All profits from our café go towards funding essential conservation work - so every time you eat or shop here at Bateman's, you're helping us look after this special place. Thank you.