Summer outdoors at Bateman's

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There's plenty of beautiful Sussex countryside around Bateman's that's just waiting to be explored. In the summer the hay meadows are the place to head off to and breathe in the fresh country air.

Summer on the Bateman's estate

We've quite a large estate outside of the formal gardens at Bateman's. In the early summer sunshine there are meadows and fields to explore. Whether you choose to take a short stroll from the house to the outer edges of the formal garden or to venture further afield into the rolling countryside, there's lots to see.

Our glorious hay meadows

From mid-April through to early July, our hay meadows will produce an amazing abundance of flowers for visitors to enjoy.

In the spring the humble but prolific dandelion heralds an array of colour from the gentle pink of the Cuckoo Flower, bluebells and Early Purple Orchids to the golden yellow of buttercups, red clovers and towering white umbels of cow parsley.

In the summer, clovers and vetches of all colours mingle with the Common Spotted Orchid and the scarce Green-Veined Orchid. Red Campion, Meadowsweet, Rosebay Willowherb and the rare Coralroot Bittercress can be found growing along the field margins and river banks. As you wander through this pastoral splendour, clouds of butterflies will lead you to lightly shaded ponds with dragonflies darting here and there.

Enjoy a wander around our wonderful estate
Family walking across a field
Enjoy a wander around our wonderful estate

Tranquil valleys and dappled pools

Our network of footpaths will guide you through the tranquil Dudwell valley; a landscape that inspired some of Kipling's later works such as Puck of Pook's Hill and Rewards and Fairies. On a hazy summer's day with the brown trout basking in pools in the river you could almost imagine that Puck has come to take you on a journey of discovery through this ancient and historic landscape.

Come and explore.