Family, Friendship and Duty

Belton's historic Marble Hall

Two fascinating figures were the owners of Belton in the 1930s. Take a look inside their lives on your next visit.

Perry and Kitty's Belton

The mansion has thrown open its doors for the new season. Come on in and discover the stories of Peregrine ‘Perry’ Adelbert Cust, 6th Baron Brownlow and his wife Kitty, the owners of Belton at the height of 1930s glamour and high society.

Their additions and alterations to the mansion interiors and collections are still evident today. They were even close to Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, both before and most notably during the tumultuous months of the king’s reign and abdication. Discover how this connection to the scandal affected their lives.

Deer enjoying a sunny day on the Oval lawn
Belton House with deer on the Oval lawn
Deer enjoying a sunny day on the Oval lawn

Throughout the year

Events and interpretation further explore what Belton was like during the 1930s, and what lay in store for honoured guests of the Brownlows.

Visit the Discovery Centre on weekends and during school holidays to find out how children in the 1930s dressed and what games they enjoyed playing.