Explore the summer colour of Belton's gardens

Belton's gardens are a delight year-round, but particularly lovely in summer. The fountain and Orangery are eye-catching features in the Italian Garden. In July, blue agapanthus make a striking display in front of the Orangery. While deep red 'Bishop of Llandaff' dahlias also look superb with their ruffled petals catching the sunlight.

In and around the Orangery
Lush foliage and exotic blooms make this a particularly inviting area. Californian and Kentia Palms add texture and height.

African Bush Daisies, frame a tranquil pool, serenely overlooked by the Belton Bather statue.

In the walled garden behind, old-fashioned sweet peas, deep blue delphiniums and fragrant roses are a delight.

The Dutch Gardens
Timeless Topiary and perfect symmetry make the Dutch Garden a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the delightful fragrance of lilac, orange blossom and lavender.

Weathered stone planters and purple salvia are perfectly offset by dark green and golden yew balls.

One of Belton’s most favoured views is from the Sundial looking back at the honey-coloured stone of the house and North Terrace steps. This view featured as Lady Catherine de Burgh's home 'Rosings' in the 1995 BBC TV series of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

A stroll along Statue Walk
A gentle stroll along Statue Walk takes in superb views to Bellmount Tower and can continue along the woodland paths to the lakeshore where Belton's boathouse is a lovely feature in the tranquil setting.

Meandering back via the Mirror Pond, you'll see a stone temple, reflected in the water.

At the far end of the Mirror Pond rests the 250-year-old beech tree, now bent and twisted with age. The beech has become self-layering and rooted into the ground in several places.

Pause by the statue of Ceres where the creamy, snapdragon-like flowers and leafy branches of the Indian bean tree frame another perfect view of the house.

Say hello
You may spot Jack, Richard or Pete, Belton’s gardeners, edging the lawns or clipping the yew. Belton’s dedicated team of garden volunteers can also be spotted weeding the immaculate borders.

Upcoming events

Timed entry to Belton House

Sun 18 Mar 2018
From 3 March 2018, visitors to Belton House will receive a unique key because for the first time ever, admission to the mansion will be by timed entry only.

Community Talk: uncovering Belton's stables

Mon 26 Mar 2018
Discover how the National Trust approaches large conservation projects and find out more about Belton's exciting stables project taking place in 2018 as we peel back the layers of history to uncover the buildings secrets.

Community Talk: reintroducing the Count and Countess

Tue 27 Mar 2018
Join David Fitzer, National Trust's Conservation Manager at Belton House for this special community talk about how the change in moral outlook changed the country house.

Community Talk: discovering Belton's wilderness

Tue 27 Mar 2018
Join Emma Lockwood, Project Manager at Belton House, for an illustrated talk through the Wilderness Garden, showcasing the history and recent discoveries made through research and archaeology. Find out more about the riverside Boathouse and...

Community Talk: Postcards from Belton

Wed 28 Mar 2018
Join Alec Gordon, National Trust's General Manager at Belton for this special community talk about the postcards from Belton.

The adventure playground's 40th birthday party

Thu 29 Mar 2018
Join us for a full day of play to celebrate with puppet shows, archery, children's outdoor theatre, bushcraft activities, face-painting and more.