How to book your educational group visit

A group of school girls working at one of our special places

Interested in booking an educational group visit to Belton, but want to know more? Find the answers to our frequently asked questions below.

Contact Belton’s Learning and Community Officer on 01476 566116 or by email. Guidance information to help you complete your risk assessments and support your visit is available in the teachers’ guidance notes or youth group leaders’ guidance notes.

Do I need to pre-book?

All groups need to pre-book their visit to Belton House; if you haven’t pre-booked, then you may be asked to pay full admission prices. Where a tour or activity is required, please ensure that you book at least seven working days before your visit.

How much does it cost to visit?

When you pre-book your learning visit Educational Group Members gain free entry to the property with all other groups receiving a discounted rate. Educational Group Membership is the most cost-effective way of visiting Belton House with your group and can be applied for at the property.

There are small charges for facilitated tours, workshops and some resources (see individual programmes for details).

When can our group visit?

Visits to the gardens and parkland can be made throughout the year. However please note due to weather conditions, we only offer access to the Orangery and pond dipping and bug hunting activities between March and October.

Facilitated tours in the House and Moondial tours are available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from March until the end of October.

Special Christmas in the Mansion tours are available on selected dates in November and December. Any other access to the House must be arranged in advance with the learning team.

Special educational needs and access

While we make every effort to be as inclusive as possible in our learning programmes, there are some restrictions due to the structure of the grounds and buildings.

Please let us know if any of your group has any physical or learning difficulties; we don’t need detailed information it just helps us provide the best support for your visit, especially where tours and activities may need to be adapted.

How many children and adults can I bring?

For our tours and workshops we can accommodate up to 60 children per day.  For grounds only visits there’s no limit on the number of children that can be accommodated.
We ask that you bring the following minimum adult to child ratios:

  • EYFS                                  1 adult for every 4 pupils
  • KS1 & Lower KS2             1 adult for every 6 pupils
  • Upper KS2                         1 adult for every 10 pupils
  • KS3 upwards                     1 adult for every 15 students

Where additional support is required, please ensure that this is provided.

How long are the tours and workshops?

Tours and workshops last between 1 - 2 ½ hours. They usually start shortly after your arrival and finish at lunchtime.

Is there undercover lunching?

You can pre-book a 40-minute slot per class in the undercover lunch venue. There is a small charge of £10 for this service.

Do you provide a risk assessment?

Information to support your risk assessments for your visit can be found in the Guidance Pack.
Please note that Belton House has been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge.

Can I come on a pre-visit?

We encourage all teachers and group leaders to pre-visit Belton House, just call in advance to let us know. If you’d like to speak to a member of the learning team, please book a time and date for your pre-visit.

" Thank you again for the absolutely fantastic welcome and preparation that you and team put together this summer."
- Year 4 Class Teacher, July 2017