Illuminating Stories

Delander clock Belton House

Did you know that Belton House has a porcelain figure with a removable hand, or that the clock in the Chapel Drawing Room shows an out of date zodiac dial?

This year Belton House invites you to discover some hidden stories behind its shining treasures.

From its construction, the contents of this seventeenth-century country house secured its reputation as one of the most important treasure houses in England. The Brownlow family grew the collection for appreciation of the artistry and craftsmanship each piece represented.

Through Illuminating Stories, Belton House shines a spotlight on the hidden narrative behind six special artefacts. Pick up a limited edition booklet to accompany the pieces from the Marble Hall.

Upcoming events

The Hard Hat Tour

Wed 28 Jun 2017
Explore Belton's Stables on this very special behind the scenes tour, before the building is rehabilitated later this year.

Community Talk: new archaeological discoveries across Lincolnshire

Fri 30 Jun 2017
Join Rachael Hall, National Trust Archaeologist, as she uncovers her recent discoveries made across Lincolnshire's National Trust sites.

Get Creative

Fri 30 Jun 2017
Join the fun in the Discovery Centre every Friday after school, during the summer term.

Paint the Garden

Sun 02 Jul 2017
Take inspiration from the formal gardens at Belton to create your own work of art.

Community Talk: Grantham House and gardens, an exploration

Mon 03 Jul 2017
Join James and Penny Herdman, National Trust tenants of Grantham House for this community talk about the historic Grantham House and its delightful riverside garden.

Community Talk: the origins of a country house

Wed 05 Jul 2017
Join David Fitzer, National Trust's Conservation Manager at Belton House for this special community talk about the origins of a country house like Belton.