The Ride Play Café

A young girl dressed up as a ladybird at Belton's Ride Play Café

Open all year round, the Ride gives grown-ups the opportunity to enjoy a refreshment or two while the children enjoy indoor adventure play.

Adventure play - not soft play

Built with solid timber, as it would be outdoors, the Ride has recreated some of Belton’s best-loved features all under one roof. Offering a Beehive, Bellmount Tower and the Fishing Lodge, joined together with hanging walkways, cargo nets, slides and tunnels there's hours of fun to be had.
On quiet days there are lots of soft toys, bug costumes, books and puzzles to play with. And if your little ones aren’t quite big enough to enjoy the play equipment on their own - you can play too.

Have fun, play safe!

Play opportunities at Belton encourage challenging playful experiences in a safe environment to facilitate child development at all stages. The indoor play equipment’s designed to be challenging, as a result, some equipment may not be suitable for all children. Only you know the abilities and limitations of the children in your care so please keep a careful watch on them and make sure they’re playing safely.

Timed tickets

Please note that a timed ticket system operates on busy days. Tickets allocate timed hour slots to the Ride. Tickets must be booked on the day, so we advise collecting a ticket from the Ride upon arrival to Belton to avoid disappointment.

Birthday parties

The Ride Play Café is available for birthday party hire, find out more here.