Your key to unlock Belton’s treasures

A timed entry key to access Belton House, Lincolnshire

Sitting elegantly in formal gardens with views across pleasure grounds and an ancient deer-park, Belton House is often cited as being the perfect example of an English country-house estate. Open daily from 29 February - 1 November 2020, visitors to the mansion will receive a unique key to access the treasure house’ collections because admission is by timed entry.

Why do we have timed entry?

Belton House is packed full of treasures and bursting with history but, in the last ten years, visitor numbers have risen to levels that make conservation of the collection very difficult. On the busiest days, there have even been queues of people waiting to pass through rooms. To ensure you get the best experience, and to help protect the historic collection, we need to limit the number of people entering the house at any given time.

How much does it cost?

Admission to the mansion is included in your House and Grounds ticket price, or free if you’re a National Trust member.

I’m a National Trust member - do I need a key?

Yes. Entry to the house is by timed entry for all visitors, including National Trust members.

How do I get a timed entry key to the mansion?

You can select your entry time by booking online or calling 0344 249 1895 up to 24 hours in advance of your visit. Keys for half of the time slots can be pre-booked, with the remaining half issued on a first come first served basis, on the day.

Entry to the mansion is in designated 15-minute time slots, from 12.30 - 4pm, with the house closing at 5pm.

To visit the house, you must have a key, which can be collected on arrival at the information kiosk. The kiosk opens at 9.30am every day and is located behind the Visitor Welcome Building by the main car park.

House keys may book up quickly during our busiest periods – typically weekends, school holidays and bank holiday weekends. If you’re planning to arrive after midday during these times, we advise reserving your keys in advance to guarantee entry.

Do you ever run out, should I book in advance?

We encourage you to book your timed entry in advance to avoid any disappointment. Limited slots are available on the day, but are issued on a first come first served basis from the information kiosk behind the Visitor Welcome Building.

To book your keys in advance, please call 0344 249 1895 or book online at least 24 hours ahead of your visit.

How far in advance should I book a key?

If you want to book in advance, please do so at least 24 hours before your visit.

Keys can’t be booked online or by telephone on the day of the visit. However, they will be available on a first-come-first-served basis from the information kiosk.

I’m not a National Trust member, can I pay for house entry in advance?

No, you don’t need to pay for your House and Grounds ticket in advance of your visit. You can do this on arrival at Belton. If you want to guarantee entry to the mansion we recommend you reserve the number of keys you will need for each person visiting.

I’ve booked keys in advance, where do I pick them up?

All house keys need to be picked up from the information kiosk behind the Visitor Welcome Building.

When should I arrive for my allocated house entry time?

If booked in advance, keys need to be picked up from the information kiosk next to the Visitor Welcome Building at least 30 minutes before your allocated house entry time.

On our busier days, there may be queues, so we advise arriving with plenty of time to spare.

If your allocated time is 12.45-13.00, for example, you can enter the house at any point between those two times.

How long can I stay in the house?

We only ask that you come into the mansion within the 15 minute period allocated to you. Once in the house, you’re welcome to stay until closing time at 5pm.

Where can I leave my things when I visit the house?

To make your visit as relaxed and as easy as possible, we have a designated space for you to leave bags and loose items. Pushchairs will need to be left outside the house entry point at the West Door.

Do I need a timed entry ticket for the garden and parkland?

Not at all, at any time during your visit, you can explore the gardens and parkland.

When will the house be fully open?

The main show rooms of the house are open daily form Saturday 29 February - Sunday 1 November 2020.

Will my house key also get me a Below Stairs Tour?

No, basement tours operate separately, and you will need a different ticket if you’d like to see below stairs too. Basement tours aren’t bookable in advance, but you can pick up a ticket from the same kiosk as the house keys.

Belton's Marble Hall has been furnished as a sitting room once again
Re-presenting Belton House, Lincolnshire
Belton's Marble Hall has been furnished as a sitting room once again