House and Collections

There’s lots to see inside Belton House, so you’re invited to plot your own course around the mansion. There’s no set visitor route, so feel free to pick up a Challenging Perspectives booklet and explore the grand surroundings as you please.

The Library at Belton House, Lincolnshire

Three centuries of collecting at Belton House 

A remarkable collection of maps and rare manuscripts are among the 11,000 books at Belton House, Lincolnshire.

Bells in the servant's areas below stairs at Belton House

Below stairs tours at Belton House

Find out about the life of a Belton servant on one of the daily basement tours.

Delander clock Belton House

Illuminating Stories

Discover the hidden stories behind Belton's shining treasures.

Belton’s sundial was made famous in Helen Creswell’s book ‘Moondial’

The tale of time on Belton’s Sundial

Visit the Moondial exhibition at Belton this summer and see the Sundial being repaired in the garden.