House and Collections

Visitors to Belton now receive a unique key because for the first time ever, admission to the mansion is by timed entry.

Sitting room setting in Belton's Marble Hall

Re-presenting Belton House

This year Belton’s Curator has presented the house as it would have been used by the 3rd Earl and his family.

Belton House shawl garden watercolour by Sophia Cust, Lady Tower

Creative Women

This year we’re telling the stories of four women whose creative legacies live on in the spirit of Belton. Explore the lives of Sophia, Marian, Florence and Nina on self-led trails and see their work presented throughout the house and gardens.

Bells in the servant's areas below stairs at Belton House

Basement tours at Belton House

Find out about the life of a Belton servant on a basement tour.

Belton House Library watercolour by Sophia Cust, Lady Tower

Belton's collections

The highlights of Belton’s collections lie in four areas; late 17th century English portraiture, silver, oriental ceramics, and books.

NT 433859

Chinese Wallpaper at Belton House

Chinese Wallpaper was assimilated into a succession of western styles of decoration, from baroque and rococo to neoclassical and Victorian.

Lapis lazuli cabinet following restoration, Belton House, Lincolnshire

Lapis Lazuli Cabinet

Now restored and re-gilded, Viscount Tyrconnel’s stunning lapis lazuli cabinet, brought back from his Grand Tour over 300 years ago, can be seen jewel-like in Belton's blue bedroom dressing room.

Timed entry key to access Belton House

Your key to unlock Belton’s treasures

Belton House is packed full of treasures and bursting with history. To ensure you get the best experience, and to help protect the historic collection, entry to the house is by timed entry key.