Belton's Stables Project

A hard hat in the window of Belton's stables

The team at Belton House has started a year-long project to conserve and rejuvenate the 17th century stables which housed the restaurant. The top two floors of the Grade 1 listed building are in need of extensive repair and the catering facilities will also receive a significant upgrade.

There’s much evidence to show that new technology and the best quality fittings were used in the design of the stables, and it's these elements that make it such a significant space. Indeed, the building is one of only 21 stables in the country with Grade 1 status. The conservation work will therefore require the use of traditional materials and specialist building skills in order to respect the original construction techniques and interior design.  

For the duration of the project, visitors will have the chance to keep up to date with what’s going on through regular tool box talks and heritage skills days. There'll also be opportunities for hands-on practical experience in traditional building skills.

Although the stables restaurant will be closed for the year as a result of the building works, alternative on-site catering facilities will be provided in the temporary Pavilion Café, located on the front lawn.

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09 Nov 18

Lime floor repairs

The plasterers have nearly completed repairs to the lime ash floor on the first floor. It will take 3-4 weeks to cure and be hard enough to walk on.

Lime ash floor repairs

05 Nov 18

Protecting the cobbles

The original cobbles have been lifted to allow for the installation of new drainage. Each cobble is numbered as it is lifted to ensure it goes back in exactly the same spot.

Stone cobble floor

01 Nov 18

New lighting cable in place

The electricians have started running cable throughout the building for the new light fittings. All the cable is fire rated MICC ensuring the building meets fire regulations.

Installation of new wiring