War and Pieces at Berrington Hall

One of the sugar sculptures holding a golden flag

Berrington's history is peppered with drama and secrets to discover. The chance to uncover some of these is now here as they are woven into the incredible exhibition 'War and Pieces'.

Berrington Hall's past is riddled with mysteries, but one element that we are now uncovering is the influence of Admiral Thomas Rodney. This proud naval officer played a huge part in British history and this year we are celebrating this with the magnificent Arts Council's award winning exhibition; 'War and Pieces' by Bouke de Vries.

Be blown away by a masterpiece
A long shot of the entire exhibit upon the table

Vries has drawn inspiration from the eighteenth century tradition of war banquets, given on the eve of battle. 'War and Pieces' takes the form of such banquets and captures their dramatic atmosphere. He has combined this part of history with the seventeenth century tradition of creating spectacular sugar sculptures to wow guests in big grand houses.

" Create to destroy, destroy to create"
- Bouke de Vries

Now this award winning sculpture comes with a unique Berrington twist. Vries has delicately threaded the Berrington story into the piece. He has used a symbol of a ship, which originates from Berrington's own porcelain bowl, and printed the design onto each of the sculptures plates.

This ship symbol in itself is a design which celebrates Berrington's connection with Admiral Rodney and his courageous naval heroism. The spectacular atomic-bomb centrepiece is now surrounded by this element of Berrington's past. What with paintings of the exhilarating naval battle upon three of the dining room walls surrounding you, you will be thrown back in time to prepare for Rodney's battle.

Watch sugar defeat porcelain
Two of the statues battling it out for victory

In amongst this combination of history and porcelain Vries has added brilliant dashes of colour by using a very modern material - plastic. This has given these pieces a modern day twist and brings the terrifying monsters who are battling the tables heroes to life.

This is a little slice of Berrington's history, and Admiral Rodney's part in it
A picture of one of the naval battles that Admiral Rodney was involved in

We are all incredibly excited to house this exhibition at Berrington as it has travelled all over Europe and will even stretch as far as America. Why not come and have a look for yourself and discover Berrington's past in a entirely new way?