Berrington Hall wins the Hudson's Heritage award

The Hudson award with their logo on it

Berrington Hall has been rewarded for its programme of events for 2016 as it wins the Hudson’s Heritage best event/exhibit award. Did you see any of the exhibits that made this happen?

2016 was a busy year for Berrington. It was a year that saw the celebrations of 300 years of ‘Capability’ Brown’s landscapes. Berrington celebrated with a whole programme of new exhibits for our visitors to see.

This was no easy task and was later rewarded as Berrington has received the Hudson’s Heritage Best Exhibit/Exhibition 2016 award. This was for the entire CB300 programme last year, beating off stiff competition from English Heritage's Battle Abbey who came second with highly commended.

All of the exhibitions and instalments that were on show contributed to this. They’re what were used to show our appreciation of ‘Capability’ Brown, and for him making Berrington into his final masterpiece.

Genius Loci by Red Earth
Image of the Intending Lines from Red Earth's Genius Loci exhibition at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire

Each of these exhibits came with a style that was new to Berrington however. They were all a form of contemporary art. With this in mind, 2016 was an experimental year for promoting one of the National Trust’s main values; to embrace traditions, old and new.

The Embroiders Guild’s brought the outdoors inside with their ‘Gardening with silk’ range of ‘Capability’ inspired tea-cups and pots.

A sample of work by the Embroiderers Guild
A very detailed tea set embroidery

The Delicarta exhibit that was on display throughout the house was completely different to that of the other exhibits. It was a focus on the Georgian fashions and the characters that surrounded Berrington’s history. These were then recreated using paper, both paper mannequins and costumes.

As well as this activity inside the mansion, Red Earth created a series of installations that were placed throughout the parkland. This was titled ‘Genius Loci’. The exhibit focused on the curvature of the landscape, and was a tribute to the workers that worked on this land to make Brown’s vision a reality.

Delicarta - bringing paper to life
Delicarta mannequins in the staircase hall

As a combination these exhibits worked together to try and encourage our visitors to step out into the landscape and see it in a new way.

All of these exhibitions when put together as a programme of contemporary art throughout Berrington, encouraged Hudson’s Heritage to choose us to win the award. So we would like to thank every artist that was involved.

This is a real achievement for Berrington and without the support of you, our visitors, this couldn’t have happened. Every penny that you spend goes towards conserving Berrington and looking towards the future to engage with people in new ways.

What will you discover?
One of the sugar sculptures holding a golden flag

With this in mind, 2017 is looking at new ways that we can celebrate Berrington’s history through contemporary art. We are being joined by Heather and Ivan Morison who have been inspired by Berrington’s Georgian origins to create their new piece ‘Look! Look! Look!’. We also have had Bouke de Vries bring us ‘War and Pieces’. It seems that the award has only motivated everyone at Berrington to keep looking towards the future for new opportunities in which to develop. Why not come and discover these for yourself?