Berrington's touch of paint

Two volunteers greeting guests at Berrington

We are constantly carrying out crucial our conservation work and ensure that it is up to a top standard. Why don't you read on to learn more to discover what we get up to behind the scenes?

Here at Berrington, we care about making sure that this very special place will last forever, for everyone. We are lucky enough to be able to do this thanks to the generosity of both our visitors and volunteers, who offer us extremely kind donations. 

Carrying out conservation work on the front steps of Berrington
A lady and gentleman in high vis jackets working on the front steps of Berrington Hall in Herefordshire

With all of this help, we have started on projects that will help maintain Berrington for a few more years. At the start of the summer 2016 we set about 'Berrington's facelift' to the courtyard or servants areas of the mansion.

This involved both a re-paint of the side of the mansion, as well as cleaning the hard to reach windows. It has been a success, but the work can't stop there if we are to take proper care of Berrington.

" Forever, for everyone"
- National Trust

We then moved to the front of the house. Our much loved (and used) front doors received some much needed care and attention. On the 19 September 2016 we were joined by Paul Knibb, who re-painted the front doors. Come along and see if you can see the difference with Paul's handy work. You never know what you might notice just by looking at it from a new angle and with fresh eyes.

Volunteer at the front of house welcoming guests
Volunteer at the front of house talking to guests

So, bring on the future of Berrington. Let's make conservation happen and the past last.