Conservation at Berrington

Conservation being done on one of the collections

Our work means we're committed to maintaining Berrington to the highest standards as well as reducing our impact on the environment; none of which we could undertake without the funds raised by our supporters.

Anne Harley's dress

Thanks to all of your support, a very special piece of Berrington is coming home after a century apart. The dress belonging to Thomas Harley's wife is finally going to be taken care of here at Berrington by our conservation team. We are very excited to have this beautiful, and very special piece of Berrington, come to stay. You can read more about it in the article below.


'Capability' Brown Tercentenary

To coincide with the celebrations we are clearing some of the conifer plantations to reinstate the parkland to the original Brown design and vision. This work links into the Genius Loci project; this is series of outdoor contemporary artworks which utilised some of the cleared materials. The creation and inspiration of these artworks was celebrated in an evening of 'Strange Magic'. You can watch this charming evening, and see what you think in the video below.

All of this valuable work is only possible with the kind donations of our supporters. Thanks to all of your generosity we have been able to restore the external paintwork on the mansion, and create a new resin bonded surface path to reception which provides access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. 

Berrington's door was feeling abit poorly...before our conservation team could help make it better
Berrington's door before the restoration work was completed

Feeling flush?

At Berrington we're working on many projects to reduce our energy consumption and increase recycling and making our waste zero to landfill.

For example with around 90,000 visitors a year equating to 90,000 flushes of clean drinking water going down the toilet we have come up with an ingenious idea. Berrington has an old well in the courtyard over 6 metres deep which now provides 'grey' water to the toilets - perfect for flushing the loos.

We try to reduce our energy consumption in lots of small ways too; low energy light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, door closers, timers and the like. We are also working towards sending nothing to landfill by recycling as much as possible.

Any Ideas

We're always looking for new ways to save the planet's precious resources. So if you have an idea let us know by e-mailing us.