Create an adventure this half term at Berrington

A family walking down a pathway

Are you brave enough to uncover the truths about eighteenth century horrors of Crime and Punishment? With a murder mystery to uncover, test your courage and go exploring.

Find yourself a natural toy
Young girl picking leaves with her father
Find yourself a natural toy

We have a lot on this half-term to keep you and the whole family entertained as we reveal to you the truths of eighteenth century crime and punishment. With a trail to conquer, a natural play area to explore and a tea-room to get refreshed there’s something for everyone.

Eighteenth century horrors of crime and punishment

Join us this half-term and discover some of the gruesome tales of crime and punishment in the eighteenth century. With a trail to complete, stories to uncover and gruesome facts to learn, there's plenty to do.

The trail costs, £2.50 per trail. Includes a prize

Murder most foul at Berrington Hall

As part of our research for our Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds Restoration Project, we discovered that a murder took place at Berrington in the eighteenth century. Throughout the week we are offering you the chance to take on the role of eighteenth-century detective and uncover the truth of what happened. Following the clues around the grounds, you can discover what happened to the Head Gardener.

Warm yourself up with a cup of something hot
A young girl and her mother enjoying a cup of tea
Warm yourself up with a cup of something hot

The Natural Play Area

Get closer to nature and embrace the colours of autumn outdoors in our natural play area. This is a space for you to let your adventurous side out. You could even have a go at ticking something off your ‘50 things’ to do list.

We even have picnic benches surrounding the play area so those of you who may wish to prop their feet up for a moment can just sit back and enjoy the view.

Tea-room and gift shop

Open daily, 10am to 5pm

Tuck into something delicious or find yourself a treat here at Berrington. Our tea-room is filled with seasonal meals that use of the fresh produce from the garden. From soups to cakes, there is sure to be something that will warm you up after being in the fresh autumn air.

You can also find that on busier days we open our Stables Cafe which can offer you light bites, a place to sit with your four legged friend and take-away hot or cold drinks

Our gift-shop is also filled with a new autumn range from Wrendale to the National Trusts own designs. Who knows what you might find.

Custard anyone? We have so much to choose from in our tea-room
A bowl of custard and apple crumble
Custard anyone? We have so much to choose from in our tea-room

Contemporary art installations

2018 has been a year of change and celebration for Berrington as we have been joined by a series of artists. Each one of them has used their inspiration from Berrington to show this special place in a completely unique and new light.

You can read more about these pieces and the artists in the article below.