Discover a new love of reading here at Berrington

A pile of old books

Our new second bookshop is fully furnished with comfy chairs and desks, why not come and enjoy and hour to yourself with a take away coffee from the tea-room and a must read?

In December last year, we decided to take on the mammoth task of relocating our second-hand bookshop from the Stables into our vacant garage. A larger space to sell these donated books will hopefully generate a larger income, all of which will be put towards ‘The Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds Restoration Project’.

The Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds Restoration Project is a new project that we are beginning. It’s an attempt to save the garden grounds which are in desperate need of conservation work. You can read more about the project in the article below (then maybe put the project article in the related content section).

The revival of our bookshop has led to us receiving an overwhelming number of books donated to us. This means that we are sure to have something for everybody.

So if you’re an avid reader, a collector or simply curious do make sure you visit our new bookshop and help support Berrington save this Brownian gem.