Dance the time away this Christmas at Berrington

A mask for the masquerade ball

Dust off your finest frock, hide behind a glamorous mask and join us for an 18th-century masquerade ball themed Christmas at Berrington.

Georgian Celebrations

Did you know that many of our current traditions at Christmas time stem from the Victorian and Georgian era? Every weekend from Saturday 19 November to Sunday 18 December, 11am to 4pm, we're recreating some of the traditions enjoyed by the gentry when the house was built.

Join us at the Berrington masquerade ball
A couple dancing in Georgian costume

Masquerade ball

The ground floor of the mansion will be lit as if it were an evening masquerade ball and you can see the decorations, dancing and some of the costumes they might have worn during these celebrations of statement, joy and wealth. In the mansion you can get a sense of the elegance of a Georgian Chirstmas as our volunteers showcase some of the changing fashions of this era and Regency dancers entertain you in the dining room; make sure you leave your two left feet at home so you can join in.

As well as all of this however, no party can be complete without essential preparation. Explore and experience the hustle and bustle downstairs as the servants are busy preparing and providing for the party upstairs. Take a step back as you are surrounded by party preparations and get a taste of how the servants would have experienced Christmas. What will you make of life at the elegant Georgian ball for everyone involved?

Come for a ride around the grounds
A horse drawn carriage in front of the house

Horse and Carriages

All guests can arrive and depart the 'ball' in style with the 2 horse, 18th-century carriage which awaits your custom outside the hall to take the family on a ride around the grounds. If you fancy getting into the spirit of the party, why not come in your best Georgian garments to enjoy free entry for the day.

Servants preparing the feast
Actors in costume this Christmas

Mannered Mob

Mind your manners on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December, with the servants of Berrington. The 'Mannered Mob' recreate some of the food customs and traditions of the time, housekeeping and costume styles for you to learn more about during your visit. 

* Starts Saturday 19 November, ends Sunday 18 December. Runs every weekend between these dates from 11am to 4pm.