Explore all that Berrington has to offer this summer

At Berrington we have a new installation in the mansion, trails and games to take part in, stories to find and acres of parkland to discover. Why not come along and take a look?

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! By Heather and Ivan Morison

Daily, 10am to 5pm

Internationally renowned artists Heather and Ivan Morison have been inspired by Berrington’s Georgian origins and the Georgian culture. The Morison’s have combined different elements of Berrington's past to create Berrington’s very own pavilion in the walled garden; 'LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!'.

We want to celebrate this installation and so we will be hosting a series of summer time events such as kite building and live music performances, from within it. Why not have a look on the 'What's On' page to find out more.

The interior of LOOK!LOOK!LOOK!; Heather and Ivan Morison's creative response to Berrington's eighteenth-century walled garden and mansion
The interior of LOOK!LOOK!LOOK! at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire
The interior of LOOK!LOOK!LOOK!; Heather and Ivan Morison's creative response to Berrington's eighteenth-century walled garden and mansion

Explore the gardens on our 'Robinson Crusoe trail’

Saturday 21 July to Sunday 2 September, 10am to 4pm

Inspired by the popular eighteenth century children’s book written by Daniel Defoe, you too can step into the shoes of Robinson Crusoe. Whilst there may not be stormy seas to contend with, you too can follow the wanderers trail around Berrington to see what you can find during your intrepid exploration.

Trail £2.50, includes a prize. Normal admission fees apply.

Family exploring 'Capability' Browns landscape
A family walking throughout the parkland
Family exploring 'Capability' Browns landscape


Boating on the lake

The best way to see the 14 acre lake is by boat. Why not hire a row boat for a trip around parts of the lake and see some of the hidden spaces in this 'Capability' Brown designed water habitat.

Boat hire is for half an hour hire. £6 an adult and £3 per child, normal admission applies.

Everyday offers…

See if any of our parkland walks inspire you to get out there and discover all that ‘Capability’ Brown’s landscape has to offer. Berrington has acres of Herefordshire landscape just waiting to be explored.

Step inside the mansion and discover our first floor with our new exhibition and installation, 'A Dress Fit for a King'. This is an exhibition which uncovers elements of the original dress of Ann Bangham, Thomas Harley's wife.

This is accompanied by the new art piece 'Eye am She', by Herefordshire based artist, Lorna J Brown. Brown's work is designed to offer you a chance to reflect on the Georgians culture and the everyday lives of women.

We also have some traditional garden games out on the lawns. You might like to have a go at croquet on the front lawn, or try your hand at cricket.

Alternatively you could always take up a deck chair and enjoy the walled garden and 'LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!'. We also have a series of events such as 'Boating on the lake', we will have live music and so much more. Why not come and take a 'LOOK'?