Working with SHYPP at Berrington Hall

For the past two years, we have been working closely with young people from SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People Project), to offer them the chance to respond to Berrington and our restoration project in a creative way. Read on to discover what they have been up to at Berrington.

Having been working closely with SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People Project) for almost two years now, the staff, volunteers and young people involved, have all had a chance to make new connections with Berrington and to interpret it in their own way by creating art with Toni Cook and mediaSHYPP.

SHYPP is an award winning project that works to inspire young people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. They aim to help young people get through tough periods and make a positive transition into an independent thriving lifestyle.

Using the garden spaces as a location, mediaSHYPP and young people from SHYPP have created a series of films, inspired by Berrington. You can now play all of the films here, as well as the films created with SHYPP and Charlie Staunton, local spoken word artist. 

This is an opportunity for everyone to express themselves
The group debating around the main table
This is an opportunity for everyone to express themselves

Below, you can discover more about the 2019 exhibition, ‘New Perspectives’ and see some of the work that SHYPP has done in support of the Berrington Garden Project through their creative films and productions.

Everyone's taking the opportunity to get involved
All of the group from SHYPP and NT staff in woodland
Everyone's taking the opportunity to get involved

This partnership forms part of the Garden Project; we aim to ensure that everyone feels a connection to Berrington, while also reaching out to the local community. By working with groups such as SHYPP, we are developing these partnerships and providing everyone with a chance to help these gardens thrive for ever, for everyone.

New Perspectives

Thursday 18 April to Sunday 3 November 2019, 10am to 5pm

SHYPP, the staff and volunteers at Berrington, Toni Cook and mediaSHYPP have all been working closely together since January 2019 in a series of creative workshops. These workshops encouraged everyone involved to take in Berrington’s gardens and develop their own creative responses, including poetry, film, creative writing and the spoken word. 

Until 3 November 2019, visitors could discover an exhibition in the stables called 'New Perspectives', which was a culmination of these workshops and creative responses. Take a look at the films above and below to find out more. We're now excited to see what this partnership will lead to next, as we look forward to 2020. 

Working with Charlie Staunton

Local spoken word artist, Charlie Staunton, has written two beautiful poems about Berrington; one based on the gardens and the other inspired by 'Capability' Brown, who designed Berrington's parkland and pleasure grounds over 240 years ago. Filmed and created by mediaSHYPP, have a listen to the films below.   

'Capability Brown' by Charlie Staunton

'The Garden' by Charlie Staunton