Life below stairs

A man holding a plate ready to serve people for dinner

How do you keep an army of busy servants unseen from the noble family upstairs? Henry Holland found the answer to this with his clever interior design of Berrington Hall.

The hidden servants' staircase, an underground corridor and various hidden doorways help keep the hive of activity needed to maintain the mansion house out of sight of those who did not wish to concern themselves with such mundane matters.

From Georgian Dairy to Victorian Laundry and Edwardian Butler's Pantry- come and learn about the people who kept this beautiful house functioning. Cleaning and polishing its floors and dusting its ornaments from 1783 until the present day.

Come and see how the clothes were washed
A servant working in the laundry
Come and see how the clothes were washed

Take a walk around the house to see how the servants moved around unseen. Visit the un-restored Butler's Bedroom and Pantry to find out what happened to Lord Cawley's Butler, William Kemp. Or why not join one of our below stairs tours to see if you would have liked to have been a servant at Berrington.