'Otterly lovely' visitors - Otters at Berrington Hall


We have some rare visitors throughout the year. They are hard to spot, but when you see them you certainly know about it.

Here at Berrington we have the lake which is used throughout the year by various groups, from walkers to herons. There is another group, however, which is quite a bit more secretive than our usual guests. These are our resident otters.

Our 'otter cam' is regularly catching images of resident otters but they are usually at night and poor quality. This means that not everyone is aware of the otters but they’re here, just tucked away.

An otter looking out across the water
An otter looking out at the lake
An otter looking out across the water

Otters can breed throughout the year but having young makes these normally nocturnal, shy and elusive creatures more visible. Although they haven’t been spotted with young of late, the otter cam is keeping its eyes peeled for us.

Conservation of this habitat is what we are maintaining, so hopefully we will have even more sightings of this visitor.