Waste to Waist - Extraordinary waistcoats by extraordinary women

Get ready to experience what a group of determined women facing hardship can do, as they allow their creative flare to shine though. Witness as 'Frock on' recycle the past into the future.

Have you ever been inspired by your old fabrics, but never known how to use it? Well, get ready to see what you can do with some determination.

This year at Berrington we are displaying the wonderful work of the inspiring sewing group, 'Frock on'. Frock On have researched, designed and embroidered a collection of waistcoats which will form a new exhibition, ‘Waste to Waist’.

" Inspired...in particular by the fabulous eighteenth century men's waistcoats"
- Frock On

Founded by Karen Meiklejohn and Tina Walton, this unique group of women have all been faced by hardships. These range from learning disabilities to battling mental illness. Reguardless of this they have been strong enough to push through these to create something incredible and learn new skills. 

Drawing inspiration from 'the fabulous eighteenth century men's waistcoats', they have designed a whole new look from reused fabrics. Over eight months they have created the exhibition, 'Waste to Waist'.

'Waste to Waist' is on display inside Berrington, as we embrace this new and unique way of celebrating Georgian glamour. You never know, you may find that you are inspired for yourself.

Made using creative techniques, you never know what you may find
One of the garments with a floral pattern printed on
Made using creative techniques, you never know what you may find

This exhibition is yet another thread in the fine tapestry that makes Berrington, as we find more and more ways to connect with Berrington's Georgian origins. We have so many already, and this is a welcome new guest to go alongside our other exhibits, such as Red Earth's 'Genius Loci'.

Why not come and see for yourself, how the past can be used to create something entirely new.