Skin Deep exhibition at Berrington Hall

Pastel drawing by Oliver Jones of a woman wearing a gold leaf face mask

From Monday 17 May, discover 'Skin Deep', a contemporary art exhibition in partnership with Meadow Arts. Artist Oliver Jones investigates society's obsession with beauty and perfection in an impressive series of large-scale pastel drawings. Don't forget to book your visit by heading to the What's On section of our website. 

Discover Skin Deep, a contemporary art exhibition by Oliver Jones, in partnership with Meadow Arts, from Monday 17 May. The paintings can be found on the ground floor of the mansion. Don't forget to book your tickets before visiting. 

Skin Deep is a series of large-scale pastel drawings that touch on issues of self-obsession and self-esteem, illustrating a contemporary quest for beauty and perfection often in the form of plastic surgery, skin treatments and body modification. 

Get Red that Lasts by Oliver Jones.
Pastel drawing by Oliver Jones of a woman putting on red lipstick
Get Red that Lasts by Oliver Jones.

Perfection and beauty are themes that occupy our modern lives, particularly on social media, but they were also concerns of Berrington’s original Georgian occupants. We may have found new ways of communicating our ideals of the perfect life, the perfect landscape and ideal beauty, but the intentions are nothing new.

These impressively realistic drawings jar and stand out, yet simultaneously feel strangely at home in the extravagant Georgian rooms. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Berrington in a new light.