Some special visitors are 'dropping' in at Berrington

The sun is shining but the air is cool and fresh. It's spring time at Berrington and we have our annual visitors offering us an early, but welcome, dash of colour.

As we see January fade away into the distance once again, it is time to prepare for a fresh year ahead. To remind us of this, our annual visitors have decided to grace us with their presence even earlier than usual.

Berrington's snowdrops are out, and offering us 'sprinklings' of brilliant white to brighten up the wintery paths. They're not shy either. They have smattered their beautiful, vibrant colour all over the grounds, from the natural play area to the landscapes pathway.

You never know where you might find them
One snowdrop standing alone
You never know where you might find them

Why not come and discover these friendly fellows for yourself? You never know, you may find some of these visitors nestled away so well that not even our rangers could find them.

From walks throughout the Herefordshire landscape that surrounds Berrington, to a gentle gander through the gardens you never know what you might uncover.

Snowdrops spring up all over the gardens
Snowdrops in the parkland
Snowdrops spring up all over the gardens

Whilst on the hunt for these brilliant little visitors you could explore the art installations by Red Earth dotted throughout the parkland. You could even let your wild side run free in our Natural play area.

With so many adventures to be had, why not get some of Spring into your lungs and get out to see these brilliant little flowers.