Started your '50 things to do before you're 11¾'?

Boy playing cricket on the front lawn at Berrington

Berrington Hall is a great place for having a go at our '50 things to do'. We have loads of space for you to be an adventurer, discoverer, ranger, tracker or explorer.


Explorers are made at Berrington Hall and we have plenty of opportunities for you to have a go at completing your '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities.

We have trees to 'get to know' in the parkland, a whole area to get creative a build your own den in and there's plenty of parkland to explore to find the perfect spot to delve into a picnic in the wild.

So why not grab your 50 things scrapbook from Visitor Reception and head out on your adventure?


Lie back on the lawns of the pleasure grounds and let your imagination run wild as you discover all of the different shapes that the clouds can make.

You could then head into the Natural Play Area and create something truly special as you make wild art. Who knows what your will discover? 

Come and relax in the gardens as you are surrounded by nature
A picture of a butterfly resting on the purple flowers in the sunshine
Come and relax in the gardens as you are surrounded by nature


If you go down to the lake in August you'll be in for a big surprise. Get on your Ranger hat and get ready to 'Float in a boat' as we hold 'Boating on the lake'. This is your opportunity to explore Berrington's 14 acre lake and enjoy being on the water.

Head into the orchard and see if you can discover any of bugs to make friends with in the trees. Do you think you're brave enough to hold one before you're 11¾?

Want to find out more about the other 50 things activities that we want you to try at these special places? Why not follow the link: