Started your 50 things to do before you're 11¾?

Young girl in tweed coat holding an insect

Berrington Hall is a great place to start ticking off those 50 things to do. We have loads of space for you to be an adventurer, discoverer, ranger, tracker or explorer.


We have trees to climb in the park, plenty of space to fly a kite, apples to eat straight off a tree and a special area in the woods to build your den.

Find your 50 things
Small boy jumping in the rain
Find your 50 things


You can make a trail with sticks, create wild art, play in the snow or make a daisy chain.


We have plenty of scary beasts in the undergrowth (if you scared of insects), blackberries to pick in the woods (at the right time of year) or long grass for trumpets.

Let excitement take over
Young girl jumping expressively out in the landscape
Let excitement take over


There is wildlife in and around our lake all year around, leaves to catch and bugs to hunt.