The beautiful Berrington Hall Floral Vine design is sweeping across the nation

Have you ever felt inspired by the Georgian designs which weave throughout Berrington? These eighteenth century classic patterns and styles have been chosen to represent a Berrington Hall range you can by in our National Trust shops.

In the store rooms there is a whole host of costumes from eighteenth to twentieth century. These costumes are a small part of  the Charles Paget Wade collection from Snowshill Manor and they're delicately stored and conserved at Berrington.

This is just one of the many lovely items we have lined up for you
One of the purses with the design printed onto it

This elegant collection of costumes, filled with brilliant blues, vibrant reds and glistening golds, was given a twenty-first century designer twist. The 'Berrington Floral Vine' pattern was designed and sold in National Trust shops.

You never know what treasures you might find
A description of the range and it's story inside the shop

Laura Joynson, Retail designer has used her creative talents to combine the elements of this classic costume collection and Berrington’s ‘Spirit of Place’. This led to the creation of two patterns named the ‘Berrington Floral Vine’.

" The flowing vine-like pattern, although designed in the eighteenth century had a contemporary look which I was instantly drawn to"
- Laura Joynson

The print itself was entirely unique and draws on the classic, intricate patterns on two particular costumes. These are a Dutch Fast Indian block printed caraco and a nineteenth century black napped wool waistcoat. Joynson states that, ‘The flowing vine-like pattern…designed in the eighteenth century had a contemporary look which I was instantly drawn to’. It was this that gave the Berrington pattern a fresh new look.

This pattern addedg a touch of Georgian charm to everyday life and was printed onto a series of scarfs, bags and even biscuit tins.

The design is printed onto a number of lovely treats
A picture of the scarf and purse with the print on

This means that Berrington’s costumes helped raise money for even more conservation of our special places, and so helping out conservation teams across the country.