'Eye am She' by Lorna Brown

Close up of an eye with petals around it

Discover one of Berrington’s stories told in an entirely new way as we are joined by local artist Lorna Brown and she brings us a new installation based on one of the leading women who lived here.

This year the National Trust is running the theme ‘Women and Power’ to commemorate 100 years since women received the right to vote. This is designed to offer properties the chance to demonstrate the stories of the women behind these special places. We have taken this on board and have worked with local artist, Lorna Brown to interpret Berrington’s story in a new way.

Lorna Brown has been working closely with Berrington’s history and has created this piece with the story of Thomas Harley’s wife, Ann Bangham, in mind. She has then combined this story with both the new exhibition in the mansion focusing on Ann, 'A dress fit for a King' and the eighteenth century ‘celebrity culture’.

One of Lorna's examples of the fashional Georgian eye miniatures
Eye in a jewelled broach
One of Lorna's examples of the fashional Georgian eye miniatures

Brown has drawn on what we know of Ann and has hinted towards elements that will be incorporated into the installation. For example she states, ‘It’s quite likely that Berrington would have been a time of reflection for Ann and as such I plan to discuss that by creating a room of reflection’. Themes such as this have been overlooked for some time, however by working with Brown we are hoping to show them in a new and creative way.

This is due to be timed with the display of the original dress of Ann Bangham which we are lucky enough to have here at Berrington. Due to the delicate stitch work on the dress, it is a demonstration of both the Georgian’s fashion and their love of the garden and nature.

Artist Lorna Brown
Profile picture of Lorna Brown
Artist Lorna Brown

There are some other elements that Brown will be focusing on and conveying in a creative way, which incorporates Berrington’s ‘Spirit of Place’. These are; the Georgian’s fashionable ‘Lover’s Eyes’ or ‘Eye Miniatures’, the Georgian Garden and eighteenth century feminism.

You can come and discover this installation on the 1 May and uncover the story behind Berrington’s strong women.