The Stables Café at Berrington Hall

The smart counter in the new Stables Cafe

As part of a project to improve Berrington's visitors experience we have converted the old stables into a new secondary catering outlet. Now, on our busier days, you are able to come and enjoy the 'Stables Café' for yourself.

Here at Berrington we wanted to offer our visitors an quick and alternative option to using the tea-room, especially on busy days. With that in mind, the team set out to convert the old stables into a new area that offered quicker and simpler take-away options for our visitors who just needed a quick refreshment.

The Stables Café is the perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day, as we serve fresh Bennetts Farm House ice cream. We also serve take-away hot drinks, sandwiches and soup and there is plenty of space to sit down and enjoy a quiet moment or two whilst you eat your lunch. The café is open throughout busy periods and dogs are allowed to join their owners inside. 

Bring your four legged friend along
A dog looking at their owners food
Bring your four legged friend along

We were proud to open our new Stables Café over the Easter holidays. We received many positive comments on the new build and visitors were happy to see the stables had not been changed or altered in a drastic way.

The Stables Café has been sympathetically designed to keep as many of the original features as possible. Tables and chairs fit cosily in between the original stalls with a simple counter at the end of the room. Under cover, it’s a great location for those looking for shelter.

The tables and chairs inside stable booths

All profit from here goes towards critical conservation projects. This means that whenever you pop in for a cup of coffee or light bite, you are helping us restore a significant piece of living history.