Berrington's 'Capability' Brown origins

A shot of Berrington from the distance in the frost

Lancelot Brown was born in 1716 and is still remembered 300 years later as he designed over 170 parks in England, many of which still exist today. He is widely known as 'England's greatest gardener' and was called 'Capability' Brown, because he would characteristically tell his 'landed' clients that their estates had great 'capability' for landscape improvement.

Berrington took part in the tercentenary celebrations of 'Capability' Brown in 2016, as it was the last landscape Brown completed before his death in 1783. As the culmination of his lifetime’s work the park is today seen as ‘natural’ rather than an ingeniously designed and engineered landscape. Stand in front of the mansion to see what we mean.

Brown’s vision has been developed by successive generations. Our plan is to restore the original 'Brownian' landscape.

Some are braver explorers than others
Small dog walking with a family in the sunshine
Some are braver explorers than others

Why don't you get out and about and explore Berrington's parkland? Keep your eyes peeled for updates of how the project is progressing.

Make sure you start your visit in the Stables welcome centre to find out about our work and all the things you can see and do. Check out what else is on at Berrington in the link below.