Wildlife to spot at Berrington Hall

A close up shot of a heron hiding in the bushes

Take a walk around our parkland and lake and see what wildlife you can spot along the way.

The Heronry

The 'Capability' Brown designed lake at Berrington is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of the long established grey herons who nest here between March and July. It is one of only two heronries in Herefordshire and in season, the large nests of these beautiful but shy birds can be seen in the tops of the trees.

A young heron waits for its mother by the lake
a young heron by the lake
A young heron waits for its mother by the lake

Veg patch voles

Our gardeners can find something unusual in a morning. Last autumn we found some competition in the vegetable patch for our pumpkins and they didn't want to leave.

See the voles munching a pumpkin in our veg patch:



Many types of water birds visit the lake at different times of the year, including mute swans, great crested and little grebe, grey-legged geese and a number of species of duck.

Otterly lovely

Our 'otter cam' is regularly catching images of resident otters but they are usually at night and poor quality. Otters can breed throughout the year but having young makes these normally nocturnal, shy and elusive creatures more visible.


Some of our events celebrate wildlife; come and get involved or just enjoy wonderful walks through fine Herefordshire countryside. We have three way-marked paths over the 'Capability' Brown parkland, through the woods or around the lake.

Check our 'What's on' page for details of upcoming events.