Art to discover at Berrington Hall

Find out more about contemporary art exhibitions at Berrington and what you can discover on your next visit.

Pastel drawing by Oliver Jones of a woman wearing a gold leaf face mask

Skin Deep exhibition by Oliver Jones 

Discover 'Skin Deep', a contemporary art exhibition in partnership with Meadow Arts. Artist Oliver Jones investigates society's obsession with beauty and perfection in an impressive series of large-scale pastel drawings.

The pink inside of Look! Look! Look! by Heather and Ivan Morison

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! at Berrington with Heather and Ivan Morison

An eighteenth century inspired eye catcher appeared in the walled garden at Berrington.

The group doing an activity down by the lake

Working with SHYPP at Berrington Hall

Discover more about our partnership with SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People Project).

Two students picking apples

Working with Hereford College of Arts 

Discover how we're working in partnership with Hereford College of Arts and what the students have created so far.

The installation by Lorna Brown with the eyes hanging down from the ceiling and the bed covered in flower

'Eye am She' by Lorna Brown at Berrington Hall

In 2018 we were joined by Herefordshire artist Lorna J Brown as she told the story of Ann Bangham (first lady of Berrington) in an entirely new way through her contemporary artwork 'Eye am She'.