Art to discover at Berrington Hall

'Georgian grandeur on a human scale', this is Berrington's 'spirit of place'. It is this Georgian element that a series of contemporary artists have used as their inspiration to create many different installations at Berrington. We're currently housing Heather and Ivan Morison's 'LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!' which draws on the Georgian's culture.

The pink inside of Look! Look! Look! by Heather and Ivan Morison

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! at Berrington with Heather and Ivan Morison

An eighteenth century inspired eye catcher has appeared in the walled garden at Berrington.

A light bulb with a grey background surrounding it and Berrington in the centre

Pleasure Grounds exhibition

Throughout March and April we will be housing a new exhibition; read on to discover what it’s all about.

Conservator stitching into the silk of the Ann Bangham dress

'A Dress Fit for a King' - The story of Ann Bangham

Get a first hand look at a piece of Berrington's history...

The installation by Lorna Brown with the eyes hanging down from the ceiling and the bed covered in flower

'Eye am She' by Lorna Brown

Uncover the tale of one of Berrington’s leading ladies, Ann Bangham.

An original map of the designs of the grounds of berrington

Berrington’s Georgian Garden Restoration 

We're beginning a new project to conserve and restore the walled garden and pleasure grounds which are the last known masterpiece designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown