Enjoy our 'Capability' Brown Parkland

On any visit to Berrington a walk around some of the 456 acres of parkland is a must. Why not come and explore everything the parkland has to offer?

Image of the Intending Lines from Red Earth's Genius Loci exhibition at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire

'Genius Loci' by Red Earth 

Berrington was landscape architect Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's final creation. To celebrate his tercentenary in 2016, we worked in partnership with artists, Red Earth to bring his story to life throughout 2016. Why not explore their work for yourself in the landscape

The mansion from across the lake

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown Parkland 

Come and see our 'Capability' Brown landscape

A close up shot of a heron hiding in the bushes

See what wildlife you could spot 

Our parkland and lake is home to all sorts of creatures, including voles and otters.

Small boy jumping in the rain

Have you heard about our 50 Things to do? 

If you're younger than 11¾, take on our 50 Things to do challenge - it's great fun.

Walking your dog in the woods

Dogs in the park 

Dogs are part of the family so bring them along

A family enjoying a walk in the parkland
Walking trail

Our new 'Capability' Brown walk 

Discover the original 'Capability' Brown park with our new waymarked walk.

Berrington Hall Royal Mail stamp

Royal Mail Stamp for Berrington 

With 2016 as the 300th anniversary year of 'Capability' Brown's birth Berrington Hall was honoured with a stamp depicting his final landscape