The Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds project at Berrington Hall

LOOK!LOOK!LOOK! in the walled garden at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire

Berrington Hall is a set piece of 'Capability' Brown design. Recent research into the walled gardens and pleasure grounds has revealed the rarity and significance of this part of the grounds.

A particularly significant part of the garden is the curved walled garden built in 1783 to ‘Capability’ Brown’s original design. The curved aspect of the garden is currently used as a livestock holding facility and cannot currently be accessed by visitors.

The team at Berrington want to embark on a project that opens up this space to everyone and conserves the gardens for future generations.

We will be combining findings from reports such as the recent 2017 Wessex Archaeology report with other findings, such as the James Crummer papers from the Hergest Croft Archive. When combined, all of this information will hopefully give us an idea of Berrington's past which is hidden beneath the soil.

This project update is designed to keep you informed and up to date with the latest developments, progress and occasional discoveries associated with this project.

Latest posts

10 Jun 17

Look!Look!Look! launch

Today was the day that Heather and Ivan Morison's 'Look!Look!Look!' art commission was launched. To mark it we celebrated with music throughout the day by Eboracum Baroque which resonated the sounds of the eighteenth century. We also were joined by historic gardens expert Kate Felus, who gave a talk with Heather Morison about the Georgians and their gardens and how this inspired the design of 'Look!Look!Look!'. The project is now open daily for you to enjoy inside the walled garden.

A shot of Look! from above with Berrington and the gardens in the background

31 May 17

Look! Look! Look! starts to take shape

This week saw the beginnings of Look! Look! Look! being installed into the walled garden. With its cobbled flooring and its large canvas panels being put up you can start to get a sense of what it's going to 'Look!' like. Keep on looking out for more images.

Installers putting up one of the large pink panels of the pavilion

08 May 17

Visiting the studio to see how Look!Look!Look! is coming along

This week Ellie Jones, Project Manager of the walled garden went to visit Heather and Ivan Morison to see how the building of the Look!Look!Look! pavilion was coming along. She was amazed to see different parts of the structure, some of which were twice the height of the average adult. As well as this they showed us some of their stools to go inside the pavilion that were made entirely out of recycled paper. With more of these items being created as we speak the launch of the pavilion only edges closer and closer.

Some of the origami pineappes made by Heather and Ivan