Walking your dog on the Surrey Hills

Dog walking at Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire

The Surrey Hills is a fantastic place to bring your dog for a walk. There are a huge number of paths and open spaces to explore for both you and your four-legged friend.

Please check before visiting

This article was created before the coronavirus crisis, and may not reflect the current situation. Please check our homepage for the most up to date information about visiting.

We want everyone to enjoy the countryside and have a safe and enjoyable visit, so would ask that you follow the information below when walking with your dog:

  • Please keep your dog under close control. This means keeping it in sight at all times and knowing that it will return to you immediately when called. We recommend that you use a lead around car parks, visitor areas and livestock.
  • Please check fences and gates for notices of livestock grazing in particular areas.
  • If you're walking with your dog between 1 March and 31 July, please look out for restricted dog-walking areas, particularly on heathland sites when ground-nesting birds raise their young.
  • Dog waste can be very damaging to both the environment and people’s health, please pick it up but don't hang the bags in our trees. Most of our sites have dog waste bins and we'd be really grateful if you'd use them for your dog waste. 
  • Cars can get very hot inside - even in the shade on a cloudy day. Please don't leave your four-legged friend in the car.
  • For thirsty friends our tea rooms have outside seating and can provide you with water for your dog.
  • Head to the shepherd's huts at Box Hill or Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punch Bowl for a dog biscuit and the low-down on the best places to walk.

Natural England offer additional advice about bringing your dog into the countryside which can be found on their website https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-countryside-code/the-countryside-code