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Leave the Stepping Stones car park and head towards the A24. Cross the road, taking care as this is a busy dual carriageway, then turn left an go about 50 metres. Turn right onto the paved road, signposted North Downs Way, and go through the iron gates. Follow the road, which rises gradually and has woods on both sides, for about 200 metres before going under the railway line. Go past a cottage on your left hand side and then through a wooden gate onto an unsurfaced track. Continue along this track for about 500 metres until you come to a sign saying Dorking to the left. Take this path for about 20 metres, go through a gate into the vineyard and then turn immediately right onto the grassy track between the vines on your left and woods on your right. Walk up the grassy rise until you reach you reach the high point and there is a gate to your right - turn left and continue along the edge of the vines. After about 150 metre you will come to a concrete road, go straight across and then turn right. Continue up the slope and along the grass track, with vines on your left and hedge on your right (don't follow the concrete road or hard surfaced track). The track rises and then turns left, ensure you keep the woods on your rights and the vines on your left. The track will now start to fall and as it reaches its low point it swings slightly to the right before going uphill again - the woods should still be on your right hand side. Where the track takes a sharp right turn and heads uphill, turn left for 20 metres and then right onto a hard surfaced track between the vineyards - Box Hill should be directly behind you. and the Dorking church spire should be visible in front of you. Continue on this track as it rises and falls, then at the end of the valley the path turns slightly to the left and goes downhill before joing another track as a 'T' junction, turn left and walk down the valley between the vines. Continue down the track until you reach a 'fiveways' sign and take the second left, this is the main wide and grassy path which leads towards Denbies winery. Adjacent to the winery you will find another 'fiveways' sign and you may choose to deviate here and take the first right to visit the winery. Alternatively, take the second right and follow the wide grass track which leads you back to the gate you entered at the start of the route. Go through the gate and retrace your steps past the cottage, under the railway bridge and back over the A24 (again taking care on the road) and finally back to the Stepping Stones car park.


stepping stones

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Stepping Stones and Denbies Walking Circuit

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Stepping Stones and Denbies Walking Circuit

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