Calke Talks

Audience members listening to a talk

Visiting Calke Abbey isn't the only way to learn about this unique place. Thanks to our dedicated team of speakers, we offer a Talks Service that delivers Calke's story directly to you.

Calke Talks Service

Calke introduced the Talks Service in September 2014 as a way to develop and share our knowledge of the house and estate. Since then, the service has grown in popularity and we’ve welcomed knowledgeable new speakers and delivered talks to a growing number of local groups.

All our speakers have an excellent knowledge of the Calke Estate and the Harpur-Crewe family, and offer talks on a wide range of fascinating subjects, including:

  • The A–Z of Calke Abbey

  • The history of Calke’s gardens

  • The family and servants

  • Conservation at Calke

  • Parkland and wildlife

  • Architecture 

  • Archaeology 

  • The paintings and artists of Calke

A painting depicting the south front of the Abbey, dated 1823
Calke Abbey, Midlands, Rev H Palmer painting of Calke Abbey, 1823
A painting depicting the south front of the Abbey, dated 1823

Bringing Calke to you

Our speakers will come directly to your group to deliver a talk. The Talks Service helps us share Calke’s unique story but also allows us to raise a small but appreciated income so we can continue to look after this special place. We charge a fee of £2 per person or a flat rate of £40 per group (depending on size).

If you’re interested in learning more about the Talks Service – or you’d like to book a talk, please get in touch with our talks co-ordinator Celia Sanger: or call Calke Abbey on 01332 863822.