Play in Squirt's Stable at Calke Abbey

Squirt's Stable, Calke Abbey, Midlands

Come rain or shine, Squirt’s Stable provides fun for children of all ages. Located in the Stableyards, we invite you to pop in and enjoy a range of games and seasonal activities.

Our enthusiastic Stableyard team are on hand in Squirt's Stable every weekend and school holiday from February to October, 10.30am to 4pm.

Make a discovery

Explore the stables and learn about some of the people who lived at Calke Abbey. Visit Sir Vauncey’s study to find lots of strange objects, including lots of books, butterflies and even a collection of rocks!

Sir Vauncey liked to spend a lot of time outdoors and was fascinated by nature. See if you can discover what his mystery object is…

Playing games in Squirt's Stable
Traditional games in Squirt's Stable, Calke Abbey, Midlands
Playing games in Squirt's Stable

Space to play

There are lots of traditional games to play in the day nursery. You can even dress up in costumes to help you imagine what it was like to live at Calke Abbey.

We’ll be running seasonal activities throughout the year, so you can get creative with some colouring in or make something to take home with you.

Look for hidden messages

We’ve hidden some secret messages in the Stableyards – can you find them all? Peer through the windows and into doorways to see what you can find.