Kids Easter photography walk

Take part in a kids photography walk at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire

Looking for something a little different to keep the kids entertained this Easter? Get active and creative in one go with our Easter photography walks, and help us create a new downloadable walk for kids.

Get snap happy!

Can you help us create a new downloadable walk? We have a fantastic walking route around the parkland, but we need some new photos to include alongside the trail instructions…

During the Easter holidays, we’d like you to send us your photos from along the ‘pink walk’ at Calke. If you’re lucky, your photo might appear on our new downloadable walk.

What’s the pink walk?

Pop into the Riding School during the Easter holidays to pick up a park map and a ‘hints and tips’ card from our photography table. Simply follow the short ‘pink walk’ marked on the map, and take some photos of things you see along the way.

Look out for points of interest such as ponds or ancient trees, or stunning countryside views. Please don’t include any people in your photos – we need special forms to publish those! You can use any camera you like, even a camera phone.

Ancient trees along the pink walk at Calke Abbey
Ancient trees at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire
Ancient trees along the pink walk at Calke Abbey

Send us your snaps

This is where you’ll need an adult to help. Ask a parent or guardian to upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #CalkePhotoWalk. Please tag us in your photo @NTCalkeAbbey, so we’ll get a notification.

Please include a short description of where your photo was taken, such as ‘down by the pond along the pink walk’, so we can identify the location. Please also include the photographer’s name and age (first name is fine).

The deadline to upload your photos will be Friday 21 April at 5pm, and you can send a maximum of three photos. If you’re lucky, your photo might be used on our downloadable walk! (We’ll let you know first, with all the boring Ts and Cs).

Pick up a few handy tips…

Not sure where to start with your photos? Come along to one of our kids Easter photography walks – our fantastic volunteer photographers will show you some great spots to take photos, and you’ll pick up some handy photography tips along the way.

Photography walks will take place on Monday 10 and Thurs 13 April, 11am and 1pm, lasting for around an hour. There will be limited places available on a first come, first served basis. Pop into the Ticket Office to get a free ticket – walks will start outside the Ticket Office.  

A waterfall along the pink walk at Calke Abbey
A waterfall along one of Calke Abbey's trails, Derbyshire
A waterfall along the pink walk at Calke Abbey

More hints and tips…

  1. Try to take photos of permanent features, such as ponds, stone walls, gates and stiles – that way, people will be able to identify your photo while they’re walking.
  2. Avoid photos of moving things such as animals.
  3. Don’t rush! Take your time and look around for different views.
  4. Rest your camera on something so it’s steady when you take a photo, like a gate or a bench.
  5. Look through grasses, trees or fences to frame your photo.
  6. Try taking some photos looking up, to show the size of something.
  7. Landscape or portrait? Landscape shots work better for our website.

Your photos

This is the bit for grown-ups. Please read the Ts and Cs before uploading photos.

Calke Photo Walk Terms and Conditions (PDF / 0.0439453125MB) download