Repairing the dry stone walls

A builder repairing the dry stone walls at Calke Abbey in Derbsyhire

Last year, our supporters helped us raise over £11,000 through the property raffle. The money raised is helping us to repair the dry-stone walls around the estate.

There are over 4km of dry stone walling around the Calke Estate, and it costs £250 to repair just one metre. It's thank to your support that we can repairs sections of the wall that are in need of some attention.

Where is the work happening?

This year we are concentrating on rebuilding sections of the wall along the driveway into the Calke Estate. The work is already underway and if the weather is kind, it should take three to four weeks before the walls are finished.

We are repairing the walls using mortar in the centre of the wall, to give it a solid structure. We're not pointing the face of the stonework, so that it looks dry. This is in-keeping with the remaining walls, where the original lime mortar has weathered away, leaving open joints between the stones.

You're helping us repair the dry stone walls at Calke
Dry stone wall repairs at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire
You're helping us repair the dry stone walls at Calke

Part of Calke's heritage

The dry stone walling formed part of the historic boundary to the old deer park and as such, is an important part of the fabric of Calke. The walls still serve the purpose of keeping the sheep and cattle where they should be.

The 2018 Special Places Raffle is now open. Pop into the Ticket Office to find out more about how your support helps us to look after Calke Abbey.