Shades of autumn in the gardens at Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey, Midlands, pumpkin and gourds on the auricular theatre

There’s plenty to enjoy in Calke’s gardens at this warm and colourful time of year. Make the most of the remaining summer colours in the Flower Garden and look out for bursts of vibrant orange in the pumpkin display.

An apple a day

The Orchard is an autumn highlight, producing an abundant and healthy harvest. Now is the perfect time to take a stroll through the trees to see local and historic varieties of apples in full fruit.

Learn all there is to know about this versatile fruit at our popular event on Apple Day where you can taste, peel and juice our many varieties of home-grown apple – a fun day for the whole family.  

A healthy harvest from Calke's orchard
Calke Abbey, Midlands, apple day
A healthy harvest from Calke's orchard

Autumn colour

Among the last bursts of summer colour, you’ll start to see the rich shades of autumn taking over the garden this season.

Look out for a mix of edible pumpkins, squashes and marrows, with lots of hard-skinned ornamental gourds in the Physic Garden. You can even buy a home-grown pumpkin ahead of our pumpkin party in late October.

Home-grown pumpkins and gourds displayed on the theatre
Calke Abbey, Midlands, autumn pumpkins gourds auricular theatre
Home-grown pumpkins and gourds displayed on the theatre

Delightful dahlias

Don’t miss the dahlia border which has been replanted over the summer and promises a medley of colour for the autumn. It’s also worth visiting the annual borders, which will continue to flower until the first frost.