Person of the month

Every month, we’re stepping back in time to meet characters from Calke’s past. Join us on this journey as we discover the people who lived and worked on the estate, and then meet their modern-day equivalents who help to keep Calke alive.

Gardener's Bothy at Calke Abbey

Person of the month: Frederick Bates

This April, we’re introducing Frederick Bates, who kept the gardens growing at Calke Abbey between 1886 and 1911.

Historic photo of the gamekeeper at Calke Abbey

Person of the month: Agathos Daniel Pegg

This March, we're investigating Agg Pegg, Head Gamekeeper at Calke Abbey.

Servants at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire

Person of the month: Harriett French

This month, we're investigating Harriett French, the Housekeeper at Calke Abbey.