'50 things to do before you're 11¾' at Charlecote Park

50 Things... No. 4 Children build a den at Charlecote

Have an adventure in the park and gardens at Charlecote. There are some things you can do all year round, and some that you’ll have to plan ahead for the right weather or season. Get your wellies on this autumn and for some outdoor fun.

Please note that this article was created before the Coronavirus crisis and may not reflect the current situation.

Take inspiration from the '50 Things' list to enjoy nature and spend some fun time outdoors all year round.

Look out for extra activities during the school holidays so you can have more adventures at Charlecote.

No. 1 Get to know a tree

Our ancient standing trees are fragile, so enjoy climbing the huge felled trees in the parkland instead.

No. 6 Go welly wandering

Never mind a soggy day. Come in your wellies, splash in puddles, walk through the mud, feel the raindrops on your face.

Never mind the weather, it's always a great family day out
Never mind the weather, Charlecote Park is always a great family day out
Never mind the weather, it's always a great family day out

No. 7 Fly a kite

It doesn’t have to be blowing a gale – a simple box kite will take off in a breeze. Bring your own or choose your favourite colour from our shop. Run around the Paddock and watch it fly.

No. 7 on your '50 things' list is fly a kite
Children run with kits in summer parkland at Charlecote Park
No. 7 on your '50 things' list is fly a kite

No. 9 Eat a picnic in the wild

Charlecote is the perfect place for a picnic, there are benches on the paddock or bring a rug to spread out. Watch the wildlife while you enjoy your sandwiches but remember that the ducks shouldn't eat your leftovers! Our visitors picnic all year round - just decide if you need a warm coat or some sunscreen.

No. 10 Play conkers

Look for the horse chestnut trees in the parkland in autumn and collect a pocketful of shiny brown conkers to string when you get home.

Autumn leaves and conkers make a great day out
Children play with autumn leaves in parkland at Charlecote Park
Autumn leaves and conkers make a great day out

No. 19 Play poohsticks

Stand on the bridge by the entrance to West Park and see whose stick comes out on the other side first.

No. 22 Find some funky fungi

Walk around the parkland in autumn, especially close to the trees, and see what you can discover. There are lots of different shapes and colours, and some of them have great names.

Look out for Dryad's Saddles, Shaggy Inkcaps or Common Earthballs
Look out for fascinating fungi in Charlecote Park's autumn parkland
Look out for Dryad's Saddles, Shaggy Inkcaps or Common Earthballs

No. 24 Go barefoot

Go on - just take off your shoes and socks and find out how the grass feels!

No. 27 Go stargazing & No. 40 Go on a nature walk at night.

Take a look at our Events page and book ahead for one of our bat walks. Join the experts from the Warwickshire Bat Group with their specialist equipment and discover more about our resident protected bat colonies.

If it's a clear night for the bat walk, just look up and see if you can spot the stars - there's no light pollution from street lights here so you can see more easily.

No. 31 Make friends with a bug

They’re everywhere! Look in the grass, check tree bark, look under stones, what will you find today? Walk down the back drive past the river Dene and listen for grasshoppers in the parkland on a warm sunny day. How many ladybirds can you count in the gardens?

No. 33 Go cloud watching

Lie back on the grass and look at the clouds - what shapes can you see? Does that fluffy cloud look like a dinosaur or a whale? See if you can spot whispy "mare's tails" that tell us the weather is about to change.

No. 34 Discover wild animal clues & No. 44 Watch a bird

What will you discover today?
Children with binoculars in wildlife hide at Charlecote Park
What will you discover today?

Can you see the tracks made by our deer and sheep? They make flattened grass paths to get to their favourite spots and you might see their hoof prints if it's muddy in the parkland.

Bring your binoculars and see what you can spot, from friendly robins and blackbirds in the gardens to swans and herons on the river. Look out for a woodpecker’s rising and falling flight in the park. Can you hear a buzzard mewing overhead?

Pop in to the bird hide in the Spinney and see what's on the feeders there. The Spinney shed has lots of information about all the wildlife you'll find in our gardens and parkland.

No. 45 Find your way with a map

You'll get a map of Charlecote on your way in - why don't you show the grown-ups which way you want to go and follow the path on the map.

Why not get ahead and download our 50 Things map here.

No. 48 Keep a nature diary

When you get home you can write down what you've seen today, draw something that you enjoyed looking at, perhaps stick in a feather or some leaves. Visit again at a different time of year and see how things have changed. Nature doesn't stand still!

No. 49 Watch the sunset

Whether you're coming to see one of our family-friendly outdoor theatre events one summer's evening or you've popped in after school on a winter's afternoon, watching the sunset across the parkland is always special.

Enjoy an evening event and watch the sunset
Enjoy an evening event at Charlecote Park and watch the sunset
Enjoy an evening event and watch the sunset

No. 50 Take a friend on a nature adventure

Come back again and share your enjoyment all over again with a friend. Show them what you've discovered and have some fun together.

'50 things to do before you're 11¾'

For lots of different ways to connect with nature and to get to know the world around you all while having fun, check out '50 things'.

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