50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Charlecote Park

Children build a den in spinney at Charlecote

Have an adventure in the park and gardens at Charlecote. There are some things you can do all year round, and some that you’ll have to plan ahead for the right weather or season. Collect your scrapbook and our 50 Things... trail map on your way in and start ticking off some amazing activities.

06. Run around in the rain

Never mind a soggy day this summer. Come in your wellies, splash in puddles, feel the raindrops on your face.

07. Fly a kite

It doesn’t have to be blowing a gale – a simple box kite will take off in a breeze. Bring your own or choose your favourite colour from our shop.

Our parkland is a great place to fly a kite - make your own or find a simple box kite in our shop
Family with home-made kites in parkland at Charlecote

10. Play conkers

Look for the horse chestnut trees and collect a pocketful of shiny brown conkers to string when you get home.

12. Make a trail with sticks & 18. Create wild art

Get closer to nature with some wild art
Children create wild art at summer kids club at Charlecote Park

Collect twigs, leaves and feathers and whatever you can find in the parkland and see if you can make a trail for people to follow, or make your own original artwork. Please don't pick the flowers in our gardens, just use whatever you find lying around.

16. Make a daisy chain

Create your own jewellery for free. Perhaps a grown-up will help you make a hole in the stems to thread your daisies together.

19. Play poohsticks

Stand on the bridge by the entrance to West Park and see whose stick comes out on the other side first.

22. Explore inside a tree

No. 1 on the 50 Things list is Climb A Tree - it doesn't have to be upright!
Children play on fallen tree in parkland at Charlecote

Stroll down into the park from the end of the long border and you’ll see a huge fallen tree to investigate. Is anything hiding in there?

24. Go on a walk barefoot

Go on - just take off your shoes and socks and find out how the grass feels!

25. Make a grass trumpet

Put a wide blade of grass between your thumbs. You'll need to hold them together side by side and keep your fingers out of the way. Then blow – how loud can you be?

No. 25 Make a grass trumpet. Now blow as hard as you can...
50 Things child with grass trumpet in parkland at Charlecote

31. Hunt for bugs

They’re everywhere! Look in the grass, check tree bark, look under stones, what will you find today? Listen for grasshoppers in the parkland and count ladybirds in the gardens.

33. Catch a falling leaf

It's a great place to have some outdoor fun
Children play with autumn leaves in parkland at Charlecote Park

Chase them and catch them before they land. How many colours can you find? Make a collage when you get home.

34. Track wild animals & 44. Go bird watching

Flying, swimming, running... what is our wildlife doing today?
Family at picnic bench watch wildlife in parkland at Charlecote

Can you see the tracks made by our deer and sheep?

Bring your binoculars and see what you can spot, from friendly robins and blackbirds in the gardens to swans and herons on the river. Can you spot a woodpecker’s rising and falling flight in the park?  Can you hear a buzzard mewing overhead?

40. Go on a nature walk at night

Take a look at our Events page and book ahead for one of our bat walks. Join the experts from the Warwickshire Bat Group with their specialist equipment and discover more about our resident protected bat colonies.

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

Show nature you care by getting outside and getting involved

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