Charlecote's autumn wildlife

Great spotted woodpecker on bird feeder in spinney at Charlecote

Any time of year - and every type of weather - is perfect for spotting wildlife at Charlecote. Birds, bugs and animals all find their ideal habitats and conditions in this carefully maintained ancient landscape. You're bound to see something interesting when you visit.

Your visit, and every penny you spend at Charlecote, directly helps us to look after Charlecote's ecosystem, carefully balancing the needs of the flora and fauna that choose to live here.

Look carefully - would you have spotted this sleepy tawny owl?

Enjoy the changing foliage colours at the start of autumn, then delight in kicking through fallen leaves (no matter what your age!) and look for conkers.

Take a relaxing stroll through the parkland and see what you can spot
Autumn leaves and trees in parkland at Charlecote Park

Charlecote's parkland is the perfect place for a birdwatching expedition and you'll often see more once the leaves have fallen. The deer can be easier to spot then too.

The redwings usually arrive in the parkland ahead of colder weather
Redwing in parkland at Charlecote in winter

You'll find the parkland quieter away from half-term (21-29 October) this autumn. Pop into the spinney behind the stables for a while and watch the birds on the feeders from the shelter of our wildlife hide.

Love them or hate them, they grey squirrels are always entertaining as they scamper about gathering nuts to put on enough fat to last them through the winter. There's plenty of food for them in the parkland but they do like the easy option of raiding our birdfeeders in the spinney...

Come birding

Stroll along the mown paths and beside the river, or take a seat on one of the benches around the parkland and pause for a therapuetic moment or two. Watch for the undulating flight of a woodpecker, or a flash of blue from a jay.

Listen for the mewing call of a buzzard overhead and you may spot a kestrel perched on a branch too.

There's still time to catch late autumn colour at Charlecote
Autumn view of Charlecote Park from the parkland

Winter migrants will begin calling in to the lake again this autumn - see if the little egrets have returned again. Keep your binoculars handy, and do let us know what you see when you visit.