Charlecote's pipe dream

Charlecote's conservation team look after the house for future generations

Raffle tickets sold throughout 2019 are helping to raise funds for our desperately-needed new heating system. Mould is a constant threat to our collection and we need to prevent damage to precious books, furniture and furnishings.

Our target is to have raised the £800,000 we need by 2023 entirely by our own efforts – that’s from raffle tickets, and profits from our shops and cafes. Every slice of cake counts, every membership sold helps, and every £1 raffle ticket sold is match-funded by another £1 for us from central funds.

Our Victorian central heating runs inefficiently and expensively on oil and electricity. It doesn’t really keep staff and volunteers warm in cold winter months and certainly doesn’t prevent damaging mould attacking our precious library and artefacts in the house.

The new energy-efficient system will be much cheaper to run and will enable us to maintain a steady controllable temperature for the long-term benefit of our collection.

When the project gets fully under way you can follow each step of the project here:

Charlecote Park's old central heating system is in need of renewal

New heating project 

We have to replace our antiquated central heating system but it's also a unique opportunity to find out more about the history of the house. Rather than close up the house, we want to share our experiences and discoveries with our visitors.

We know how important Charlecote is to some of our visitors, and if you would like to consider making a donation you can download a Gift Aid form here or contact us directly to find out how you can help.