Charlecote's second-hand bookshop

Discover a bargain in Charlecote's secondhand bookshop

Take a look in the second-hand bookshop in the Stables - every purchase you make helps us look after the precious books in our library.

Proceeds from our second-hand bookshop play a vital role in helping us to fund conservation of the historic collection of books in our library.

You'll find the bookshop in the stables tucked away by the tea-garden and there's a donation box in there to pay for your purchases. If you're not able to pay by cash, please take your books to the Servant's Hall shop through the Victorian Kitchen for a card payment.

Prices for all books are written in pencil just inside the front cover.

Our fiction shelves have something for everyone
Browse for a bargain in Charlecote's second-hand bookshop
Our fiction shelves have something for everyone

Our dedicated team of volunteers have made our bookshop a treasure trove of well-organised fiction, both paperback and hardback. Find comprehensive stocks of history, gardening and cookery books, as well as biographies and a children's section too.

The team have created a welcoming space out of one of the coldest parts of Charlecote and update the stock regularly so it's always worth popping back in if you're one of our regular visitors.

Donations welcome

Donations of second-hand books are always welcome. You can leave a bagful at Visitor Reception or bring us a bootful in your car.

If you do need to deliver by car, just call in to Visitor Reception first. Ask them to show you where to drive down and to radio ahead so that we can meet you on site and help you unload (please avoid busy weekends).

Charlecote’s Collectors’ Bookshelf

Take a look at our Collectors' Bookshelf listing if you’re looking for a first or early edition of a favourite book, or you love the thoughts and ideas of decades ago. The rare and unusual books currently available are listed separately here, and we update the list regularly with new finds. 

These books are not kept on site. Please email us if you’d like to purchase any of them or have an enquiry - a daytime phone number would be most helpful.

Browse our online selection of collectors' books
Browse Charlecote's online selection of collectors' second-hand books
Browse our online selection of collectors' books

Our volunteers aren’t around every day, so please bear in mind that it might take up to a week to get back to you.

We can take a card payment over the phone and post books out to you, or we can arrange for books to be taken up to our Visitor Reception area for you to pop in and collect postage-free.

All our fund-raising efforts right now are for our desperately-needed new central heating system. We need to protect the unique collection of books in our Library as well as our other precious artefacts and furnishings in the house - every book you buy is helping us in our work.

Charlecote Park's old central heating system is in need of renewal

New heating project 

We have to replace our antiquated central heating system but it's also a unique opportunity to find out more about the history of the house. Rather than close up the house, we want to share our experiences and discoveries with our visitors.