Come and explore at Charlecote this spring

Children run with kits in summer parkland at Charlecote Park

Thank you for your interest in our 2021 Easter plans. We know how much delight our Easter trails bring and are working through how we will deliver these, in light of ongoing restrictions. We will share more details as soon as we can. Visit our main Easter web page to stay up to date with the latest news and updates on Easter activities.

Families with children - and grandchildren - of all ages will find plenty to keep everyone busy at Charlecote. Rain or shine there's always something to discover, and our visitors tell us this is a special place they love to return to throughout the year. 

Explore outdoors

There’s always plenty of space just to run round and play games, whatever the weather. You can buy bug-hunting kits and other outdoor activities such as simple kites from the Servants' Hall shop, and play with them straight away.

Balance bikes only, please. The paths are too uneven and busy with visitors for pedal bikes.

Wild about nature – what will you spot today?

Bring some binoculars and watch the birds and cheeky squirrels for a while, or pop in to the bird hide in the Spinney.

Watch the ducks, swans and herons on the river but don't feed bread to them at Charlecote or anywhere else. They'll gobble it up but it upsets their tummies. Wild bird seed is much better for them.

What will you discover today?
Swan and cygnet chick on river at Charlecote Park
What will you discover today?

Look around the gardens and see how many ladybirds and butterflies you can see today.

Seeing our fallow deer roaming the parkland is always a special part of any visit but watch them from the pathways though, They are large and unpredictable wild animals though, and should never be approached. Even our Ranger never handles the deer.

Please note that it's unlikely that the house and outbuildings will be open for Easter.

Take care

  • Please cross the busy road from Visitor Reception with caution.
  • Buggies and fragile artefacts just don't mix so you'll be asked to leave pushchairs and large rucksacks at the front door of the house.
  • Please keep an eye on children in your care at all times. The riverbanks, lake and haha are unfenced.
  • Please help little ones to keep to the winding paths in the woodland garden - short-cuts trample the plants!

Did you know…?

… every Family Membership sold by our friendly Visitor Reception team at Charlecote generates a payment to us from central funds and directly helps us look after this special place. And you all get a whole year of days out at 500 places!

... you can include your children or grandchildren in your membership.

... we have £10 membership for 5-17 year-olds.

… under-5s come in to all National Trust places for free.

… you’re always welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy by the river, all year round.

Things to do at home

Get some inspiration for activities to do on your own or with family. You won't be short of things to do this winter.

Join as a family

Join today and your membership will help us to protect the landscapes you and your family love to explore