Come and explore at Charlecote

Children run with kits in summer parkland at Charlecote Park

Families with children - and grandchildren - of all ages will find plenty to keep everyone busy at Charlecote. Rain or shine there's always something to discover, and our visitors tell us this is a special place they love to return to throughout the year.

Please note that large areas of the parkland are still very muddy at the moment - wellies or sturdy boots recommended!

Fresh air and fun

Charlecote's a great place to start your outdoor adventure with 50 things to do before you're 11¾ - why not make this the year that you complete all 50 things!

Explore outdoors

There’s plenty of space just to run round and play games. You can buy bug-hunting kits and other outdoor activities such as simple kites from the Servants' Hall shop, and play with them straight away.

Enjoy a walk through the parkland along our mown grassy paths
Family with buggy walk through parkland at Charlecote
Enjoy a walk through the parkland along our mown grassy paths

The grassy parkland paths are flat enough for wide-wheeled buggies.

Wild about nature – what will you spot today?

Bring some binoculars and watch the birds and cheeky squirrels for a while, or pop in to the bird hide in the Spinney.

Seeing our fallow deer roaming the parkland is always a special part of any visit. They are large and unpredictable wild animals though, and should never be approached. Even our Ranger never handles the deer.

Charlecote's parkland is an ideal place for birdwatching or wildlife spotting

Top tips for spotting wildlife 

Our staff and volunteers manage the parkland for the benefit of our wildlife throughout the year. Discover the best ways to see more when you visit - don't forget your binoculars.

The Victorians weren't so vile!

See what’s happening in the Victorian kitchen, help with the cooking and try on a maid’s costume to share the experience of Victorian life. Pick up a Servants' Trail in the kitchen too.

We're sorry but we're unable to cook in the Victorian kitchen at the moment. The fan over the fire has broken and we need to access the chimney from a cherry picker over the roof to assess the work that need to be done.

Take a look around the outbuildings and imagine the Lucy family’s servants’ tough lives in all weathers. 

See what we're cooking in the Victorian kitchen today
Children watch volunteer in Victorian kitchen at Charlecote Park
See what we're cooking in the Victorian kitchen today

Come and see how the Lucy family lived in Victorian times and try to find all the Cuddly Critters hiding in the house. Our friendly room guides will help you if you can't spot them all, and they'll tell you about anything that interests you.

Help us to keep Charlecote special

  • Buggies and fragile artefacts just don't mix and pushchairs and large rucksacks should be left at the front door of the house.
  • Please supervise your children at all times. The riverbanks, lake and haha are unfenced.
  • Please help little ones to keep to the winding paths in the woodland garden - short-cuts trample the plants!

    Our woodland water feature was vandalised by unsupervised children. We are a charity, and receive no Government funding. We don't yet know if - or when - we'll be able to replace it.

Did you know…?

… every Family Membership sold by our friendly Visitor Reception team at Charlecote generates a payment to us from central funds and goes directly to our work here.

... you can include your children or grandchildren in your membership.

... we have a new £10 membership for 5-17 year-olds.

… under-5s come in to all National Trust places for free.

… you’re always welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy by the river, all year round.

Children's gifts

Presents for children should be full of fun and joy, and our gifts for children collection has lots of ideas for toys, books and so much more.

Join as a family

Join today and your membership will help us to protect the landscapes you and your family love to explore