Discover Charlecote's wildlife haven

Robin in spring garden with eranthis in flower at Charlecote

There's new life all around the parkland in spring. Fresh foliage unfurls throughout the landscape. Birds, bugs and animals are pairing up and finding their ideal habitat in our carefully-managed landscape. What will you spot when you visit?

Our ancient riverside meadows are full of birds, beautiful wild flowers and insects – stroll along the mown paths or take a seat on a bench and see what’s out and about today.

Pop in to the spinney behind the stables and watch the birds on the feeders from the shelter of our wildlife hide.

Pause in the parkland to enjoy the views and our wildlife
Bench by lake in parkland at Charlecote in spring

The parkland is quieter out of school holidays, or first thing in the morning now that we're open from 9.00am - the perfect time to enjoy the riverside tranquillity.

Come birding

Take a seat on one of the benches around the parkland and pause for a therapeutic moment or two. Watch for the undulating flight of a woodpecker, or a flash of blue from a jay or even a kingfisher on the Dene or the Avon.

Some visitors wait for hours, others are just lucky - will you see a kingfisher today?
Kingfisher on branch by river Avon at Charlecote Park in Warwickshire

We have one of the largest heronries in Warwickshire and you’ll see the herons swooping back to their nests in spring or standing statuesque at the river’s edge. White little egrets seem happy here too, often to be seen on the lake well into spring.

This little egret is at home on the lake in the parkland
Little egret on lake at Charlecote Park

Listen for the mewing of an overhead buzzard or the jagged laughing call of a green woodpecker. If lots of birds are twittering anxiously there may be a kestrel hovering nearby.

Bats at twilight

If you're here for one of our evening events do look out for the bats swooping around for insects around the outbuildings. Check our What's On page to book for events with the Warwickshire Bat Group from May.

We have two UK BAP Priority bat species living here – lesser horseshoe bats and brown long-eared bats.

Beautiful butterflies

The first butterflies are usually the yellow brimstones, attracted by the nectar-rich planting in the gardens. Our butterfly survey group will be starting work again this spring, regularly counting the species visiting the parkland and gardens.

Always the earliest butterflies of the year - have you spotted a yellow brimstone yet?
Brimstone butterfly on ipheion in spring garden at Charlecote

Hare today…

We have a drove of hares living on Camp Ground - another UK BAP Priority mammal. With their long back legs, any confusion with rabbits is soon dispelled as soon as they start to run, reaching up to 45km per hour. Keep those binoculars handy – you can sometimes see them across the river from the parterre, their golden coats catching the sunlight.

Licensed ornithologists check young barn owls at Charlecote Park

Top tips for spotting wildlife 

Our licensed ornithologists keep a careful eye on the birds in the parkland throughout the year. Discover the best ways to see more wildlife when you visit - don't forget your binoculars.

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