Explore at Charlecote this summer

Children run with kits in summer parkland at Charlecote Park

Families with children - and grandchildren - of all ages will find plenty to keep everyone busy at Charlecote. Rain or shine there's always something to discover, and our visitors tell us this is a special place they love to return to throughout the year.

Summer holidays

Throughout the six weeks of the main Warwickshire school holidays we'll have self-led '50 things' activities in the parkland for you - whatever the weather.

You can download our 50 Things at Charlecote map here before your visit.

Come and explore Charlecote today
Two girls with butterfly net at Charlecote Park in summer
Come and explore Charlecote today

Wild about nature – what will you spot today?

Nature is always right in front of you if you take a few quiet moments to look.

What will you discover today?
Swan and cygnet chick on river at Charlecote Park
What will you discover today?

Bring some binoculars if you like and watch the birds and cheeky squirrels for a while. 

Look out for the friendly robins and watch the ducks, swans and herons on the river. (Bread isn't good for them, it upsets their tummies - wild bird seed is much better).

Why not hunt for bugs, and it's always fun to count butterflies and ladybirds too. The long grass and knobbly tree bark provide perfect habitats for all sorts of creatures.

Look out for the fallow deer in the parkland this summer
Watch the fallow deer in the parkland at Charlecote this summer
Look out for the fallow deer in the parkland this summer

Seeing the fallow deer roaming the parkland is always a special part of any visit, but it's best to watch them from the mown pathways. They are large wild animals, the bucks have hefty sharp antlers and they can be unpredictable when startled. Our Ranger and her team don't handle the deer and visitors should never attempt to touch the deer.

Take care

  • Please cross the busy road from the car park with caution.
  • Please keep an eye on children in your care at all times. The riverbanks, lake and haha are unfenced. Our deer and sheep roam freely - poo happens!
  • Please, no bikes or scooters - the paths are too uneven and busy with visitors.

Social distancing regulations mean that our Visitor Reception team are currently not able to process Memberships on site. If you have enjoyed your visit and are not currently a member, please think of Charlecote as the place to join when we are able to resume.

Did you know…?

... every Family Membership sold on site by our friendly Visitor Reception team generates a payment to Charlecote from central funds and directly helps us to look after this special place. And you all get a whole year of days out at 500 places, as often as you like.

... you can include your children or grandchildren in your membership.

... we have £10 membership for 5-17 year olds.

… under-5s come in to all National Trust places for free.

... every time your membership card is scanned it generates £2.56 for the place you are visiting - your membership goes straight to the places you love.

… you’re always welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy by the river, all year round.

Things to do

Get some inspiration for activities to do on your own or with family. You won't be short of things to do at home or in the garden this summer.

Join as a family

Join today and your membership will help us to protect the landscapes you and your family love to explore