Just the (raffle) ticket

Trees in lime avenue at Charlecote Park in autumn sunlight

A huge "Thank You" to all our visitors who have bought a raffle ticket or two from our volunteers this year.

2016 saw the money raised enabling us to carry out urgent tree works to the Lime Avenue in West Park

These ancient lime trees – two distinct varieties, totalling 133 trees in all - were badly in need of arborial restoration and conservation work.

These veteran trees are managed to reduce the risk of them collapsing as their heartwood inevitably decays and their structures become weakened.

We need to ensure that this area of the parkland is safe for our visitors, and it's a crucial wildlife habitat for many birds, bats and thousands of insects.

Oak leaves
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Oak leaves

Neil and his wonderful team from Midlands Arboricultural Services removed dead and unstable timber, and reduced the canopies at the top of the trees.  This reduces the weight that the ancient tree limbs have to bear and improves the trees’ longevity.

We undertake work like this in autumn to avoid the key nesting season for our resident wildlife.

Did you know…

The lime avenue marks the original old road from Wellesbourne to Stratford.  Many of the trees date back to the early 18th century.

After careful inspection, fragile hollow branches are removed to make the trees safe
Fallen branches of trees on lime avenue at Charlecote Park
After careful inspection, fragile hollow branches are removed to make the trees safe

The tree work in 2016 cost us £14,000.  Our volunteer raffle ticket sellers sold 6540 tickets over the year.  This therefore raised £6540, which was then doubled by the National Trust central funds to £13,080 so there was still a shortfall to find from existing funds. These funds come from every cup of coffee you buy in the Orangery or scarf you choose in the shop.

Every year the raffle tickets you've bought go in to the National Trust Special Places raffle which is drawn in November (top prize £10,000) – if you weren't lucky this year, please have another go next year, this income helps fund really important work at Charlecote. Thank you!

Thank you for helping us conserve this ancient habitat
Autumn sunlight through trees in lime avenue at Charlecote
Thank you for helping us conserve this ancient habitat
Enjoy autumn colours as you walk down to the gatehouse at Charlecote Park

Explore the parkland at Charlecote this autumn 

Enjoy a cool and colourful autumn walks through the parkland. Watch the deer from the footpaths as they rut and bellow. Rustle through a rainbow of fallen leaves, collect conkers, spot weird and wonderful fungi. Your visits help us look after this ancient landscape that Shakespeare would have known. Dogs are welcome on short leads.