Pack up a picnic at Charlecote

Pick up everything you need for a picnic from Charlecote Park's tea-room

You’re welcome to picnic at Charlecote all year round, from January to December – and some of our visitors do!

It doesn’t matter whether you bring a smart wicker hamper or chuck everything in an old rucksack, everyone knows sandwiches taste better outdoors.

There are benches along the main drive and picnic benches near the Spinney and on the Paddock. If you’d rather spread out on a picnic blanket, there’s plenty of grassy space on the Paddock.

Enjoy your picnic with family and friends
Families picnic by river Avon in summer parkland at Charlecote
Enjoy your picnic with family and friends

Keep an eye on children in your care  - the riverbanks are unfenced.

Take time to enjoy the wildlife as a swan glides past on the river or a heron swoops across the parkland.  You’ll usually find it’s quieter midweek and out of school holidays.

If you're a National Trust member you can come in as often as you like and enjoy the green space all year round.

Sit by the river and see what you can discover today
Swan and cygnets on river Avon at Charlecote Park
Sit by the river and see what you can discover today

Sunny weekends and busy Bank Holidays can mean that the Wood Yard cafe and Orangery restaurant get really crowded, so why not avoid the queues by bringing a picnic. To make life really easy, you can pop in to the Orangery or Wood Yard early (the food and beverage team open up at 9am) to pick up sandwiches and cakes and then enjoy them out in the grounds later.

Don’t forget you’ll find everything from picnic blankets to sporks and lidded bamboo coffee (or tea!) cups in the Servants’ Hall shop as well as biscuits and chocolate too.

  • Please no barbecues, even disposable ones.
  • To protect our livestock herds and wildlife, please clear away all your rubbish.
  • Commercial waste disposal costs us nearly £4000 a year - taking your rubbish home will help us spend less so that we can use these funds for our conservation work.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen and hats for everyone on sunny days!
Pick up a soft woollen rug for your picnic from the Servants' Hall Shop
Charlecote Park woollen picnic rugs in shop
Pick up a soft woollen rug for your picnic from the Servants' Hall Shop
Charlecote's parkland is an ideal place for birdwatching or wildlife spotting

Top tips for spotting wildlife 

Our staff and volunteers manage the parkland for the benefit of our wildlife throughout the year. Discover the best ways to see more when you visit - don't forget your binoculars.